HARIM HOLDINGS CORPORATION We allow you to taste ‘Nature’s Sensation’ by managing the food chain from nature to table.

We will expand our experience and know-how accumulated by the integrated management of farms, factories, and markets in the livestock meat business to the comprehensive food sector, thereby creating new competitiveness in the food business.

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Harim Holdings

Investment Relations

Business performance

We achieve optimal
management performance
with professional
management staff and continuous research and investment


Financial Information

You can see the financial information of Harim Holdings at a glance.

Harim Holdings

Company Overview

As a holding company of subsidiaries specializing
in comprehensive food business, we are leading
the creation of synergies and maximization of
efficiency through establishment of management strategies and various consulting.

Harim Holdings

CEO Message

We will do our best to gain competitive advantage
in global markets and take the lead in the dynamically growing East Asian food market.

  • 하림그룹
  • ㈜하림홀딩스
  • ㈜하림
  • ㈜엔에스쇼핑
  • ㈜팜스코
  • ㈜선진
  • 제일사료㈜
  • 팬오션㈜
  • Allen Harim Foods
  • 하림펫푸드
  • 나폴레옹 갤러리