Core Competence

Livestock Vertical Integration

Harim Group holds the so-called ‘Three-way Integrated Management’ as its core capability where the fields of production, processing and distributing of protein foods (livestock meat) are managed in a way of integration.

Integration management is generally defined as ‘ all management activities where production and related processing, distributing and selling functions are jointly performed vertically or horizontally. In other words, it means the management method which either makes value chain stages from production to consumption cooperates with each other or controls and manages by a single organization. The business area where this management method is applied is referred as integration business and the legal definition (Act on Livestock integration business) of integration business of livestock field is “The business of fully or partially integrating the raising of livestock, the production of livestock products, slaughter of livestock, the processing and distribution of livestock products”

It is the very Harim Group that introduced vertical integration which is common in manufacturing fields for chicken businesses and set it in a higher quality form. Harim Group made a successful model of integration business through carrying out the so-called ‘Three-way Integrated Management’ where farms in charge of production, plants in charge of processing and markets for distribution and selling products are integrated.

Harim Group’s capability of integration management for domestic livestock integration business can be the best in Korea. We have a system which increases value and minimizes the cost generated in each stage by connecting all the process of supply chains: improvement and fertilization of breed; raising (fattening); slaughtering; primary processing (fresh meat) and secondary processing (further processed meat); distribution (storage/logistics); and selling (wholesale/retail)

Harim Group, representative company specialized in livestock food in Korea

Concept chart of ‘Three-way Integrated
Management’ of Harim Group

통합경영 개념도

Through carrying out integration management, we supply fresh and high quality foods to consumers by strictly managing all the processes of value chain from farm to table. Not only the integration management system built by Harim Group has a very expansive scope from upstream breeder stock to downstream retail business but also the connection of the value chain is so solid that it is evaluated that the level of its internal completeness is high.

‘Three-way Integrated Management of Harim Group’ means the system to:

Raise excellent breed of livestock ▶ supply it to farms ▶ Use raw material directly outsourced from overseas countries ▶ manufacture nutritious feed ▶ supply directly to the farms ▶ Support feeding management technology ▶ Slaughter and process livestock in processing plants which has been raised with great care in such farms ▶ make products with them ▶ through cold chain distribution network ▶ either supply to distribution market ▶ or directly sell the products to consumers so that the products are brought into the table of consumers.