Core Competence

Pork Production process of vertical integration

계열화사업에 의한 돼지고기 생산 과정

Leadership in pig industry

Environment friendly
high tech pigsty for resolving environment problems and for global competitiveness pork industry

Bong-dong Farm

'Hypork Bongdong Farm', a environment friendly pen of Farmsco Inc. which is a subsidiary of Harim group, is an environment friendly farm which does not produce bad smell, not pollute underground water and soil, and not produce waste water which with no bad smell and no pollution unlike ordinary stock raising farms. Hypork Bongdong Farm was made with the goal of the world's best level production and it is making efforts to attain the achievement of more than MSY(Marketed Pigs per Sow per Year) 26 animal, and PSY(Pigs per Sow per Year) 28 animals.
※ PSY(Pigs per Sow per Year) : The number of pigs born by a mother pig for a year.
※ MSY(Marketed-pigs per Sow per Year) : The Number of pigs which survive until it reaches to the weight for sale and are sold among pigs produced by a sow (mother pig) for a year.

Location 1207-11 Bongdong-ri, Yeonmoo-eup, Nonsan-si, Chungnam Number of pigs to be raised 3,600 sows
Site size 67,878㎡ (20,533 pyeong) Capacity of livestock manure treatment per day 40ton/day (Night soils collected 32 ton/day)
Total floor area of
building of pig pen
16,231㎡ (4,910 pyeong) Operator Bongdong Co., Ltd. agricultural corporation
Use for Sow farm

Features of Hypork Bongdong Farm

하이포크 봉동 농장 특징
01 Eco-friendly Farm
(Smell free/Pollution free)
02 Maximum Productivity
03 Designed for Pig (Animal Welfare)

3 stage filtering system (CG) for removal of odor

STEP. 01

Physical filter

removes dusts,
ammonia odor

STEP. 02

Chemical filter

removes contaminated

STEP. 03

Bio filter

treats microorganisms
giving off bad smell

cutting edge pen
with no odor

Jeil Breeding Stock Farm, The role model of Korea's future- oriented pig raising farms

Animal Welfare
Smart Farm

Jeil Breeding Stock Farm, the original form of Sunjin, livestock breeding specialized company, is evaluated as Korea's representative animal welfare role model. Because we combine animal welfare factors to farms and produce healthier pigs in a better environment. Jeil Breeding Stock Farm works on making animal welfare farm popular by expanding smart farms where ICT is applied in order to realize animal welfare. In the era of market opening such as FTA, animal welfare will play the role of enhancing the global competitiveness of domestic livestock industry.

Group Housing

Jeil Breeding Stock Farm raises animals in all breeding processes by excluding stall breeding except for 3~4 weeks for the safety of sows. Group Housing means the breeding form of raising pigs in large spaces by expanding rooms unlike stall breeding which breeds pregnant sows in one room. Group Housing provides pregnant sow the opportunity to exercise more, have healthy feet, give birth without difficulties, and is suitable for animal welfare as pigs do not stay in individual narrow stalls.

Smart farm managed by ICT

Jeil Breeding Stock Farm which has large swine farm of 3,000 sows applies ICT technologies to all farm systems to overcome difficulties of large farms and to improve environment effectively. We maintain pleasant temperature at farm by establishing automatic ventilation system as well as remotely controlling temperature and humidity of pig farms. Since 2012, the system to remotely manage farms' environmental changes and control was introduced, and farm managers are able to resolve problems immediately by detecting changes of farms anywhere with their smart phones. In addition, if sows are raised in difficult situations, proper provision of nutrients for each pig is difficult. To resolve this problem, RFID chip is attached to each pig to collect various information, to provide feed suitable for each pig in different physiological state, and to check health conditions.