Major Affiliates

Global No.1 Bulk Shipping Company Pan Ocean, the front runner in the bulk shipping industry

Pan Ocean has become a matchless leader in the dry cargo (Bulk cargo) shipping business, including iron ore, coal, grain, fertilizer, wood, and steel. It has grown into a global shipping company that transports various kinds of cargo to major ports in the world since its establishment in 1966.

We have continuously built trust in high value-added business, such as container ships, tankers, LNG ships, and heavy load carrier service.

We are making endeavors to respond to the diverse transport demands and to realize the best customer satisfaction through all forms of shipping on the basis of operating know hows, accumulated for over a half a century.

We will also prepare a foundation for sustainable growth, developing a new market through the 'grain trading business'. Pan Ocean will do its utmost to develop itself into a 'leading global company specialized in shipping & logistics and grain distribution' that provides differentiated services with the highest professionalism, as a genuine partner and a companion of the future that grows with customers all over the world.

01. Dry bulk cargo transport

Provision of dry bulk cargo shipping service on iron ore, coal, grain, fertilizer, wood, and steel based on differentiated operating know hows and various types of ships, including liners, tramps, and large vessels

02. Container transport

Provision of the best container shipping service mainly by a coasting line in Korea, China, and Japan based on a rationalized sea route

03. Special cargo transport

Provision of high value-added shipping service via a tanker that ships various kinds of petroleum products, animals/vegetable oils, and more, as well as a heavy load carrier that transports ultra-heavy cargo, and an LNG ship

  • Address : Tower 8,7, Jong-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu Seoul, Korea
  • Establishment year : May 1966
  • Business areas : Shipping,Distribution, trade
  • Number of employees : 2,934(2022)
  • Annual sales : $ 4.9B(2022)
  • Home page :

Feed specialized company with the longest history in Korea Jeil Feed, company leading the growth of domestic feed industry

Jeil Feed, the oldest company specialized in feed in Korea, has been working a single path over 60 years since it was established in 1960, the embryonic stage of the domestic feed industry.Also, the Company is the biggest in Korea producing various feeds for fish, pet animals and horses not to mention poultry, pig and cattle.

Under its slogan of ‘Keep clean for the food of people and feed of animals’, the Company obtained ISO9001 and HACCP for all of its plants for the first time in Korea and has kept its promise of putting its top priority on quality through strict quality management and persistent R&D. Having affiliation with overseas leading animal feed companies including Koudijs-Wouda and de heus of Netherlands and Akey of the USA, the Company has accumulated world-class technologies and, since July of 2012 when it made a technology agreement with In Vivo, the biggest agricultural cooperative company in France, the Company has put spurs for another leap.

Cheonhajeil fully operates four feed mills all over the nation and, having over 100 selling agents, it has grown incredibly during the last 10 years and, in its Central Research Center newly established in Daeduk Techno Valley, Daejeon, ceaseless research activities for developing new feeding technologies have been carried out.

“You can succeed if you go along with Cheonhajeil”, this is the core management philosophy of the Company. Since its customers won the best prizes including president’s award in various areas in recent years, the Company has proven that it keeps its promise. Until the date when all of its customers succeed, the effort of the company will continue and the Company will play and fulfill all its roles and responsibilities as a leading company in the feed industry in Korea.

01. Feed business

Feed production of poultry, pig, cow, dog, and special feed including equine feed

02. Overseas business

Enters into overseas market focusing on Chinese market

  • Address : 40-36 Daehwa-dong, Daeduk-gu, Daejeon
  • Establishment year : Jan. of 1960
  • Business area : Feed
  • Number of employee : 398(2022)
  • Annual sales : $ 714M(2022)
  • Home page :
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Farms, plants and markets are integrated in order to create high value Harim, new path of agribusiness

Harim, company representing the food industry of Korea, expanded agriculture, the primary industry, into a secondary and tertiary industry and has developed the food industry as a high value industry.

Since it started business in Hwangdeung Farm in 1978, Harim has opened new possibilities of food industry. Putting top priority on quality and productivity, Harim systematized production, processing, distribution and sales and integrated farms, plants and markets – “Three-way Integrated Management”- so that it could open new paths of agri-business creating high value.

Harim, company which has opened bigger possibilities in the food industry by paving new paths so far, strives to be No.1 in global productivity beyond Korea by developing competitiveness with confidence.

We will continue to do our best to further expand the way of Korean livestock industry amid fierce global competition by continuously improving quality and productivity and creating stable revenue generation structure.

01. live operation

Provides verified feeding management program for improving feeding environment and achieving the best productivity through quarantine/hygiene management system for farm, hatchery and feed mill.

02. fresh meat business

Visual quality inspection by using VQIS (Visual Quality Inspect System)

Manufactures high quality products by introducing One Way System for temperature control and time management

Maintaining the best freshness through operating fixed tempera ture rooms

03. further processed meat business

Produces and supplies various chicken products through a freeze processing line for fried food and formed products, refrigerating processing line for sausage, sliced food, grilled seasoned chicken and room temperature processing line for canned chicken breast meat and samgyetang.

  • Address: 13-14 Eoryang-ri, Mangseong-myeon, Iksan-si, Chonbuk, Korea
  • Establishment year: March 1986
  • Business area: Poultry and feed
  • Number of employee: 2,264(2022)
  • Annual sales : $ 1B(2022)
  • Home page :
  • Harim mall Home page :
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Breeding, Feeding, Raising, Packaging, Distributing! ‘Systematization even for pork’ Sunjin, company to become recognized livestock company in the world beyond Korea

Since it started its swine farm in 1973, Sunjin has grown as the leading livestock and food company in Korea as it expanded its business area into feed, pork distribution and meat processing.

With its know-how obtained from its direct operation of swine farms for more than 40 years, the Company pursues to have the best productivity in the world and, with respect of its feed business which was started based on the company’s belief that it would produce the best feed to be used in domestic farms, it puts its best efforts to produce credible products while obtaining HACCP certificates.

Sunjin pork, which is strictly produced only in its 380 member farms around the nation opens new prospects in the field of brand pork market. Also, manufacturing processed meat products having the best quality, the Company makes its efforts in suggesting new directions for the B2B market.

With the feed plant in the Philippines in 1997, we are spreading culture and value of Sunjin Inc. in the world by expanding and operating a total of 7 feed factories in Vietnam and China. Sunjin will put its ceaseless efforts in the future.

Sunjin will make a prosperous world along with the customers in the future by putting its best efforts in: increasing its productivity to become the best in the world; carrying out an eco-friendly and sustainable livestock business; securing the trust of customers by providing our livestock products to be recognized in the market; and making a sound corporate culture by carrying out ethical and transparent management.

01. Breeding!

Researching a breeding pig and improving the quality of pig for the first time in Korea

Excellent swine breeds based on the research know-how for swine breeding more than 30 years

02. Feeding!

Supplying clean feed directly made at own feed mill.

Control from the nursery phase feeding HACCP certified safe feed

03. Raising!

Establishing a member farm system of more than 80 farms throughout the nation

Consistent meat taste with uniform management system

04. Packaging!

Prioritizing hygiene and safety of processing plant

More meticulous microcosm management than legal requirements as well as HACCP

Maintaining meat fresh and clean for a long time with oxygen packaging

Exempting inspection procedures of pork exported to Japan through meticulous management

05. Even distributing!

Managing entire pork distribution channels from retail stores and online malls to customers’ table at 5℃.

  • Address : 114-1 Sadong-ri, Daewol-myeon, Icheon,Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Establishment year : 1979
  • Business areas : Pig farming, feed, meat, meat processing and pork vertical integration
  • Number of employees : 2,500(2022)
  • Annual sales : $ 1.7B(2022)
  • Home page :
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NS홈쇼핑 유튜브 - NS홈쇼핑의 즐거운 스토리

Precious foods to be served to my family Farmsco, the best company specialized in livestock in Korea growing with customers

Since it first set foot on domestic pig farming industry in 1967 when such industry was unexplored and started its feed business in 1973, Farmsco has made contribution to the domestic livestock industry development.

In particular, 'Hypork Bongdong Farm' with no smell and no pollution was completed in 2012, and environment friendly global competitiveness was achieved, increasing the level of domestic livestock industry to a higher level.

Based on the best unified production system in Korea from feed and pig farming to meat processing and distribution, Farmsco put its primary focus of business in providing the best quality and service products to customers.

Hypork, its representative brand, has been recognized as the best brand pork in Korea for 30 years since it was released and loved by customers.

Since 2004, the Company has won the grand prize of the “Good Companies Selected by Women Consumers” for nine consecutive years and the excellence of Hypork has been recognized with respect to quality and preference. Recently, the Company launched a new and outstanding processed meat product having less than 3% fat, which shows the differentiated special quality of Hypork to the customers.

01. Vertical integration (Pig farming /Cattle farming)

With Hypork Bongdong Farm as the center, produces outstanding quality pork by constituting a system best for breeding pigs and raising environment.

In the vast meadow of 164 acres, the biggest one in Korea, it operates and supplies farming complexes that are exclusively used for raising cattle.

02. Feed business

Has better understanding of the availability of biometrics of livestock by carrying out precise analysis of raw materials of feed and feeding experiment. Based on such understanding, produces and supplies feed for raising chicken, pig and cattle and pet food.

Carries out corn dry and processing business through PT Harim in Indonesia.

02. Feed business

Has better understanding of the availability of biometrics of livestock by carrying out precise analysis of raw materials of feed and feeding experiment. Based on such understanding, produces and supplies feed for raising chicken, pig and cattle and pet food.

Carries out corn dry and processing business through PT Harim in Indonesia.

03. Fresh meat business

Hypork, refrigerated brand pork for the first time in Korea

Nation’s first refrigerated brand pork maintaining original taste and nutrition of pork in Korea: Maintains the taste by making special package and supplies only products which meets strict quality standards and passes principal items subject to focused control.

04. Meat processing business

Launches low fat ham-sausage (less than 3% of fat) and enter into meat processing business in earnest with market differentiation

  • Address : Harim building, 130 Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Establishment year : October 1, 1999
  • Business areas : Feed, pig farming, Korean beef and fresh food, Meat processing
  • Number of employees : 1,087(2022)
  • Annual sales : $ 1.7B(2022)
  • Home page :
  • hypork mall Home page :
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Healthy company and sharing of healthy idea and happiness NS Home Shopping for life value creation and sharing of happiness

NS Home Shopping (Name of corporation: NS Shopping Co., Inc.), the first home shopping company specialized in foods for the first time in the world, has the motto of ‘healthy idea’ and has grown as a general distribution company placing it top priority on customers’ health and happiness. NS Home Shopping has a vision of creating values of life and sharing happiness.

Also, NS Home Shopping as a healthy company fully fulfilling its social responsibilities will create jobs through continuous growth, make contribution to the national economy and be fully responsible for its customers, executives and shareholders. Through transparent management, the Company will faithfully comply with laws such as paying taxes and realize healthy broadcasting for the healthy life of viewers.

01. TV Home Shopping

Broadcasting hours : 24 hours

Number of household audience : 17 million six hundred fifty thousand households

Products : Livestock products, Health food, Clothes, Kitchen Appliance, Beauty, Leisure and sport items and Insurance (the ratio of food related broadcasting: 60%)

02. Internet Shopping Mall

Shopping book: Customer shopping guide directly sent to more than one million two hundred thousand households and introduces about 1,500 products of life, interior and fashion

New business: Convenient purchase through automatic order by using remote controller/ If notice banner appears at the right top of the screen while watching the NS Home Shopping program, viewers can purchase the products by clicking the red button of remote controller

03. Insurance and financial planning

Provides comprehensive financial planning service for Gold Age Partners

  • Address : NS Shopping Bld.,15 Pangyo-ro, 228 beon-gil,Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do 463-400
  • Establishment year : May 7, 2001
  • Starting date of broadcasting : September 1, 2001
  • Number of employees : 527(2022)
  • Home page :
  • NS mall Home page :
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ns홈쇼핑 TV방송보기 NS홈쇼핑 페이스북 - NS홈쇼핑과 절친되기! NS홈쇼핑 유튜브 - NS홈쇼핑의 즐거운 스토리