Social Contribution Activites

Sharing warm happiness
toward beautiful world

Harim Group puts its effort in giving back the love taken from customers to the society and creates new values. As small streams come together to form a river, small interest and devotion come together to form great love. The footprint of Harim Group is always toward the neighbors and goes forward to the world.

In order to lay the foundation for a sharing society, Harim Group makes and carries out various projects. Introducing ethical management system into its affiliates, Harim Group advances through various practice programs. In the course of volunteer activities and donations by the executives and staff, the group tries to make the sharing culture spread into society.

The group delivers dreams and hopes all over the society and various volunteer activities of the executives and staff for people in need continue all throughout the year. Also, carrying out its ‘Green Management Movement’, the group puts its philosophy to become an eco-friendly company, which puts care for people and the nature, into practice.

In seeking a community where all people are happy, the group operates various programs for win-win relations with business partners and makes its best efforts in providing new values to the customers including holding a cooking competition of livestock foods.