CEO’s Message

"Harim Group is based on our management philosophy of 'pursuing simplicity', we are working hard to achieve our vision of 'No. 1 global productivity'."

Honorable shareholders and customers

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for your continuous support and trust. Korea's agrifood needs to enter the global market and approach global customers. To that end, securing competitive edge to stay in the harsh global market is a priority. That is the reason why Harim Group ceaselessly strives toward the vision of ‘Global 1st. productivity’.

Harim Group is a group of companies which are specialized in foods, especially in protein foods. Business areas of Harim Group are divided into poultry, swine and pork, feed, distribution and animal healthcare, and each area is either integrated through all value chain from production to selling or closely connected.

We call this the ‘Three-way Integrated Management’ in that such management handles all three paces-farm (production), plant (processing) and market (sales). In various aspects, integration management in the food industry is very effective and efficient in developing related industries.

Harim Group is much experienced and specialized in these areas.

Having a sense of duty, Harim Group, as one of the representative livestock food companies in Korea, enters into the global market. The group actively carries out overseas business in China, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia not to mention in USA through Allen Harim Foods which is located in the east coast of USA. Harim Group continuously communicates with customers in order to put its best efforts in sharing more values with the communities.

We are looking for your interest and support.
Thank you.

CEO of Harimholdings and Chairman of Harim Group 김홍국 회장 싸인