Logo type of Harim group

  • CI logo type of Harim group connotes the values of group and its brand as it is.
  • Each element of CI logo type has been designed cautiously and, in no case can be altered
  • The minimum size of the CI logo type is 15mm and there is no limit on maximum size.

Color system of Harim group’s CI

  • The basic colors are bright and vivid Harim Red and Harim Gold
  • The color of Harim group’s CI may be differed depending on applicable conditions.
  • Main version of the basic CI color must be in the form of gradation and, if it is impossible to apply full color, one or two color(s) tone may be applied.
하림그룹 CI 컬러시스템1 하림그룹 CI 컬러시스템2

Metalic version of Harim group’s CI

Metalic version of Harim group’s CI must be applied only to the print materials under the careful guide of Pantone .

하림그룹 CI 메탈릭 버전
CI Introduction

The logo of Harim group is the image showing value, spirit and code of conduct which the group pursues.

It also is the symbol of the corporate identity and ‘the best quality’ of its products and service. CI of the group contains its will to make ceaseless efforts and history. It contains the group’s wish to secure the best brand trusted steadfastly by customers, while based on its belief in truthfulness and honesty. The CI expresses the quality and credibility which the group has maintained so far as the group’s heritage and, at the same time, it embodies the group’s vision of the future.

  • The oval red symbol means that the group’s legitimacy has been succeeded in terms of its foundation and path of growth.
  • The appearance having a flexible shape means global expansion and the simplified golden ribbon means guaranteed excellence in quality.
  • The typeface used is Harim font independently designed and expresses the group’s promise that it will not change its focus on customer value.