Management System for Vision

Global 1st. productivity

In the global market of limitless competition, productivity is the only weapon to outrival the competitors and the key to raising competitive-ness. Becoming a global food and agribusiness group requires the world's top productivity in all areas. Since Jan. of 2007 when it made and declared the vision of “Global 1st. productivity” Harim Group has concentrated to put its best efforts to achieve such a vision.

Management Philosophy
Pursue simplicity

Simplicity pursued by Harim Group is to seek the essence and key point by removing unnecessary redundance. In order to expose such simplicity, we need to polish up and improve continuously. Through carrying out the process of examining and removing unnecessary parts, our work is done in a more concentrated, specialized and systemized way.

Sprit of
Harim People


Core Value

Be Creative
Be Passionate
Be Ethical


Value Creation
of the Life
Happiness Sharing

Harim Group introduction
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