Company Overview

Harimholdings is the top holding company of the Harim Group, which pursues the GLOBAL FOOD & AGRIBUSINESS GROUP. Harimholdings suggests the vision for sustained growth of subsidiaries and plays the role of the final modifier of agricultural food businesses in which all subsidiaries are interconnected for business implementation. In addition, we play the role of both navigator toward 'One Health' pursued by Harim and director of ethical management.

Harimholdings which is an agricultural food specialized company managing all processes of food chain, enhances the expertises in each sector by intensifying the business area centered by agricultural food, which is the most promising industry in the future, and competes with global companies through this.

Core subsidiaries such as PAN Ocean, Jeil Feed, Harim, Sunjin, Farmsco, NS Home Shopping, are organically connected to ensure that food chain from the nature where ecosystem energy begins to the table of customers ranging from grain(shipping)-feed-livestock(poultry, swine)-slaughtering- further processing-food manufacturing-distribution&sales.

In particular, Harimholdings has established itself as Korea's leading GLOBAL FOOD & AGRIBUSINESS GROUP by securing No. 1 leadership in Korea in the fields of chicken processing, brand pork sector, feed production and sales, and dry cargo volume. Harimholdings will create new customer values in anteroposterior industries connected with food and agribusinesses in the future. Based on this, we will grow into the central company of food hub in Northeast Asia and will make further efforts to create values of shareholders and customers continuously.

Headquarters of Harimholdings